An investment in hardwood flooring is a cost-effective method to increase the value of your home or business property. In order to protect that investment and properly preserve its natural beauty, professional wood sanding and refinishing services are highly recommended. Consult the floor specialists at Arizpe Flooring for qualified advice about to learn more about our complete line of wood floor refinishing services.

When Should I Begin Looking IntoHardwood Floor Refinishing Near Me?

Over time, hardwood flooring becomes dull and accumulates unsightly scratches and scuffs resulting in a dingy and drab finish, particularly in high-traffic areas. Professionally sanding and refinishing hardwood floors at regular intervals will significantly improve its appearance since, similar to an antique piece of furniture, the wood’s natural color properties deepen and appear richer over time. Arizpe Flooring provides skilled wood floor refinishing assessments and expert wood staining that lengthen the lifespan of hardwood flooring and restore it to its original state or even better. If it is time for a fresh look in home or business decor, consult with our wood floor specialists to choose among an array of the latest stains and colors to update hardwood flooring.

Wood Floor Refinishing for Remodeling and Renovations

Arizpe Flooring assists homeowners, commercial property owners and managers and local contractors with expert sanding and refinishing for hardwood flooring for new constructions or remodeling and renovations. Our extensive experience as hardwood restoration specialists ensures that flooring beneath or adjacent to walls, cupboards, and closets are expertly sanded and refinished with special attention to tiniest detail that provides completely uniform and smooth results. Consult with our wood floor specialist for qualified advice for your next project.

Hardwood FloorRefinishing Options

Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Depending on the size of the area, hardwood refinishing can take anywhere from two to five days. Arizpe Flooring begins sanding hardwood flooring to remove the old finish and fill in gaps with filler. Depending on whether hardwood flooring is top or surface nailed, our skilled technicians may work by hand to apply filler for best results. Hardwood flooring is sanded several times with a finer grit to smooth out any irregularities and then buffed and vacuumed. Arizpe Flooring offers hardwood refinishing without sanding in certain circumstances when possible. Finishing coats are then applied as the final stage and left to dry and carefully inspected between applications.

Hardwood Floor Staining

Arizpe Flooring wood floor experts can stain oak floors to match almost any decor or preference. Although the most common stains are within the ranges of brown tones, pastels and other new designer stains are also available. Consult with our wood finishing specialists for qualified advice prior to staining hardwood flooring yourself for best results.

Specialty Services

Arizpe Flooring provides a full range of wood floor refinishing options in addition to standard oil-based and water-based polyurethane. Ask about specialty stain-resistant and reactive refinishing for hardwood flooring that offers extra benefits for an active household or busy workplace. Our experienced staff also provides specialty wood refinishing services that include hand-sanding, embossing, wire—brushing and additional customized hardwood restoration services.

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